Thoughts from Sam

Election Day 2014 is less than 2 weeks away. The contrast between the two parties is crystal clear. Democrats support the full inclusion of all, believing that we do better when all have a place at the table. Better jobs, education and health care are only possible when all women and men are included and involved in the outcome and results.


  • support equal pay
  • will work to enact laws to ban sexual harassment in all workplaces
  • support continued affordable health care for all women and families
  • will push to prohibit employers from family status discrimination—denying work or promotions to employees because they have children
  • protect a woman’s freedom of choice in New Mexico


  • oppose equal pay
  • support anti-choice legislation anywhere and anytime
  • back Personhood amendment (Life Begins at Conception Act) that would ban common forms of birth control
  • oppose increasing the minimum wage
  • seek to overturn affordable health care hurting children and families
  • oppose anything that would help and benefit working families

Two NM Republicans:

Rep. Cathrynn Brown’s main accomplishment was to introduce a bill that charges a rape victim that ended her pregnancy with a 3rddegree felony for “tampering with evidence.” 3rd degree felonies carry a sentence of up to three years in prison. Then she tried to explain it was all a mistake.

Rep. Paul Pacheco voted against increasing the minimum wage, against an expansion in education funding and against any other issue that his constituents support.

Why would anyone vote for Republicans?

Fact is: they won’t. New Mexico voters, given the choice and provided the information, will consistently support and vote for Democratic candidates because of our common sense ideas and vision for the future.

Your contribution of $10, $25 or even $100 right now will send a strong message to the GOP that we will fight and stand up for women and families in New Mexico, even if they won’t.

New Mexicans believe in diversity, tolerance and compassion. That’s what Democrats believe too.

The choice is clear. If you share these views and want to build a better future for New Mexico and your kids, vote Democratic, from the bottom to the top on November 4th.

Building the future never stops.