Gary King’s Plan to Boost New Mexico’s Economy

NM Democratic gubernatorial candidate Gary King has unveiled his plan to bring the state out of the economic black hole that his opponent helped to create.

“Stimulating economic growth and creating environmentally clean, well paying jobs for our families and the next generation is something Susana Martinez has failed to do,” charges Gary King “That’s why New Mexico is in last place in the Nation for job growth and one of the highest in unemployment. Too many of our best and brightest are leaving New Mexico to find work.”

King formally unveiled his blueprint for repairing what Martinez has broken at a special Women for King/Haaland event at the Pure Radiance Salon Small Business Platform in Albuquerque.

As Governor he will: create objective criterion to invest in local business opportunities so that we are smarter about investments and create more jobs; encourage an entrepreneurial culture by linking high school and university curricula to skills needed to start small businesses; facilitate exports by educating and helping New Mexico business owners to understand how to take advantage of federal programs focused on expanding exports to our major trading partners in the world; and increase the minimum wage to reduce corporate welfare and to ensure a livable wage for those who want to work.

The full economic plan is attached here.