Education First: World Class Education for New Mexican Families

4 years ago Susana Martinez used education as one of her major campaign issues that she would focus on, if elected. What she didn’t say was that she intended to follow the right wing Republican playbook that blames teachers, students and parents as well as the unions that represent these hardworking men and women.

First decision: bring in a discredited, out of state political hack to run the NM Public Education Department. It didn’t matter that Hanna Skandera had never taught in a classroom or had any ideas or concepts of what teaching in a classroom actually involved. Next, pursue partisan, right wing policies that seek to take hard earned public education monies and use them towards private, for profit education institutions while ignoring the educational needs of poor and middle class New Mexicans.

Hanna Skandera and right wing education policies are destroying public education. Help Democrats fight back! Contribute $10,$25 or $50 now.

The educational needs of New Mexico’s Hispanic, African American, Native American, immigrant, and non English speaking students have been neglected, disparaged and pushed aside because of indifference and arrogance. Enough.

  • New Mexico needs smaller schools which research shows provide higher graduation rates and higher achievement
  • Increase funding for child care assistance for low income families
  • Access the land grant permanent fund for early care and education programs
  • Raise the minimum wage to at least $10.10 per hour

This is just the beginning.

With our Democratic candidates tied in the polls with the GOP, we need your help! CONTRIBUTE NOW.

Democratic candidates from the bottom to the top stand up and support public education because we know our kids are the best investment our state and our nation can make.

DPNM is building a better future for education, our kids and all New Mexicans.

Right now.