DPNM Calls on Governor Martinez to Explain Destruction of Public Records

Former DA Amy Orlando’s office destroying possibly incriminating public records from Gov. Martinez’s tenure raises troubling questions

Yesterday the New Mexico Third District Attorney’s office released a report that former DA Amy Orlando’s office destroyed possibly incriminating public records from Martinez’s tenure as District Attorney. Ms. Orlando, currently General Counsel for the Department of Public Safety, was Governor Martinez’s handpicked successor as DA.

This report raises troubling questions.

What happened to these e mails? Was Governor Martinez aware? What public resources were used to bolster Martinez’s 2010 campaign?

These questions go well beyond politics –now it’s a matter for law enforcement professionals. If public records were destroyed to help Governor Martinez, the people of New Mexico deserve to know. We call for Governor Martinez, her former staff and allies to come clean and explain what happened.

Read the District Attorney’s final administrative report.