Senator Tom Udall Votes to Avoid Government Shutdown

U.S. Senator Tom Udall issued the following statement on today’s 73-22 vote on a budget resolution to keep the federal government operating through mid-December:

“I voted for today’s budget resolution because it’s the right thing for New Mexico’s economy, and it supports jobs. New Mexico cannot afford another government shutdown and today’s vote took the threat off the table. This bill includes critical funding for New Mexico’s national labs and bases and an important provision that allows the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant the flexibility it needs to continue recovery efforts after the radiological incident earlier this year. I’m proud to fight for these priorities and others for our state.

“However, with the nation moving toward war in the Middle East for the third time in three decades, arming the Syrian rebels was important enough that the Senate should have had a separate vote on it. ISIS is a threat that must be stopped, but like the New Mexicans I represent, I am deeply skeptical about the strategy for arming rebels in Syria and the possibility of further entangling our troops in a religious war in the Middle East. I was not willing to risk a government shutdown, weakening our security and risking New Mexico’s still-fragile economy over Senate process.

“The president must make his case to Congress if he believes we need to use military force beyond counter-terrorism strikes against ISIS, and Congress should debate an authorization to use force.”