Duran Delays Military Ballots…Again

Yesterday, Republican Secretary of State Dianna Duran further delayed the mailing of military ballots to New Mexico voters overseas by filing in Federal Court to have the ballot questions in Bernalillo and Santa Fe counties removed from the New Mexico State Supreme Court.

“Dianna Duran’s contempt for the rule of law is disgraceful,” said DPNM Chairman Sam Bregman. “It solely her responsibility to ensure these ballots get out on time and instead of working in a nonpartisan manner to serve the people of New Mexico, Duran is once again putting the needs of the Republican ​P​arty ahead of her duties as Secretary​ of State for New Mexico​.”

Bregman continued, “Regardless of the legal issues around the specific ballot questions, there is no debate about the County Clerk’s being responsible for creation of the ballot. If Dianna Duran is looking to place blame for ballots not being sent, she should look in the mirror. All she has to do is tell her vendor to send proofs with the questions duly approved by the Bernalillo and Santa Fe County Commissions.”