NM House Dem Nominee Mariaelena Johnson Responds to SOS Dianna Duran​

In response to Secretary of State Dianna Duran’s comments to the Albuquerque Journal regarding the recent court order in Rio Rancho requiring expanded voting opportunities, nominee for State Representative in District 53, Mariaelena Johnson, released the following statement:

“While voters in Rio Rancho will now have increased access to the polls, the voters of Chaparral – who in 2012 also experienced waits of up to five hours to vote on top voter intimidation – continue to struggle with ample early and election day voting opportunities.

“Following Dianna Duran’s mismanagement of resources in 2012 that led to voters waiting for hours in line for hours to vote and polling locations running out of federally required provisional ballots, her recent comments are a step in the right direction after using her office to restrict access to the ballot box for nearly four years.

“Sadly though, Dianna Duran’s campaign to require strict photo ID requirements to vote in New Mexico – similar to laws that have disenfranchised over one million voters in Texas –  will further restrict the right to vote in New Mexico if passed into law.  If she is serious about ensuring access to the polls, perhaps she should look beyond strongholds of political support for her own party to expand voting opportunities.”
Census Stats for Rio Rancho
Hispanic or Latino Percent of Population (2010) : 36.7%
Per capita income past 12 months (2012 dollars), 2008-2012: $27,261
Census Stats for Chaparral
Hispanic or Latino Percent of Population: 84.1%
Per capita income past 12 months (2012 dollars), 2008-2012: $11,064
Party Registration, Rio Rancho
Party Total People  
Democrats 20996 36.30%
Republicans 23838 41.21%
Declined to State 10401 17.98%
Unknown 2607 4.51%
Total People 57842
Party Registration, Chaparral
Party Total People
Democrats 1791 40.34%
Republicans 930 20.95%
Declined to State 1614 36.35%
Unknown 105 2.36%
Total People 4440