Veterans say Allen Weh Used their Image Without Permission in Ad Depicting Terrorist Killer

Weh Once Again Takes Advantage of Others for Personal Gain

Just a week after Allen Weh released an ad that was widely criticized for its appalling use of an image from the execution of American journalist James Foley, Weh is trying to ward off criticism with another video defending himself.

Weh’s latest ad begins with video footage of New Mexico veterans. The problem? These veterans don’t support Allen Weh and never gave permission to use their images in an Allen Weh campaign ad. Click HERE for video.

“I would never support Allen Weh or his policies. I’m disgusted that he used the image of that terrorist in his commercial – and I’m outraged that he would try to put me in his campaign ad, especially an ad where he’s implying that I support him. Mr. Weh, you should do the right thing and remove this ad,” said Napoleon Quintana, a Vietnam veteran from Las Vegas, N.M.

“The truth is, veterans like me and my friends support Tom Udall. He has been there for us, he met with us, and he is working for us. Tom Udall came to meet with us in Las Vegas we talked about improving care for veterans in rural areas, and he is already delivering. I think Allen Weh should remove his ad,” said José Salas, also a Vietnam veteran from Las Vegas, N.M.

Said Sam Bregman, DPNM Chairman: “Weh earlier found himself in hot water with the U.S. Marine Corps because he illegally used footage of active-duty uniformed Marines from recruiting ads without getting permission. Later Weh got a strong backlash of criticism for his use of an image from the execution video of journalist James Foley, despite the family’s request for people not to share the video. Now Allen Weh is making it absolutely clear that he fully intends to take advantage of anyone in any way he can to produce campaign ads.”

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