Secretary of State Duran Continues to Restrict and Stifle Voting

Once again, do-nothing Secretary of State Dianna Duran is trying to restrict, block and discourage the voting rights of over 2 million New Mexicans.​

​The one thing she has done since taking office is to follow the Republican playbook ​that sets ​up repeated roadblocks ​over and over again to disenfranchise the voters of New Mexico. Enough already. Our country and our state thrive when its citizens employ their constitutional right to vote​, let all voices be heard​ and move our society forward.

Rejecting the ballot provisions on decriminalizing marijuana put for by Santa Fe and Bernalillo counties is outside her statutory responsibilities. That role belongs to the Attorney General, who has ruled that these initiatives may be placed on the ballot.

This Secretary of State is a disgrace and one more reason New Mexico voters will elect a competent and hard working Secretary of State, Maggie Toulouse Oliver on November 4.