DPNM Chair Sam Bregman: Weh Ad Depicting James Foley’s Killer Horrific, Shows Desperate Lengths Weh is Willing to Go for his Own Gain

DPNM Chairman Sam Bregman today called Allen Weh’s latest ad using footage of American photojournalist James Foley’s jihadist murderer “a horrific act of desperation” by Weh.

The ad, which depicts the knife-wielding killer of James Foley, to attack Tom Udall shows the desperate lengths to which Weh is willing to go for his own gain, Bregman added.

“To use the image of James Foley’s killer in a campaign ad is horrendous and incredibly disrespectful to James Foley’s family and New Mexicans. New Mexicans want to talk about the issues – but this isn’t about a conversation on our foreign policy. Weh’s ad is a gratuitous attack using an American’s tragic death to scare and appall voters.”

“This ad just shows the lengths Allen Weh is willing to go for his own gain. It’s really beyond the pale. Weh should remove the ad out of respect for James Foley’s family,” Bregman continued.

Weh’s ad, which was reported on by CNN earlier today, follows a pattern in which Weh has resorted to mudslinging politics and volatile behavior that are out of touch with New Mexico voters. Even leaders of his own party have reprimanded Weh. For example:

  • While Weh was losing to Susana Martinez, he launched an attack criticized by GOP party leaders as “misleading,” “and example of dishonesty” and something that “should not be tolerated.” [Factcheck.org, 5/26/2010]


  • When Weh couldn’t get ahead at a GOP convention, he assaulted a staffer. [National Journal, Hotline, 2/24/10]


  • After the same event, Bernalillo County GOP Chairman Rich Abraham said he would no longer tolerate verbal or physical abuse from Weh or his campaign. Bernalillo County GOP Chairman Rich Abraham said at the time, “My volunteers, staff and officers are tired of your ‘bully-style’ tactics. We will no longer tolerate any more verbal or physical abuse by your campaign or candidate and we will notify the authorities if this abuse continues occur…. Since you are not big enough to apologize and want confrontation with me, I am going to do ONLY what I am required to do for you, nothing more!” [Blog, Joe Monahan’s New Mexico, 2/24/10]


  • Weh already has a history of inappropriately using footage in campaign ads to promote himself. In July, Allen Weh’s campaign posted an ad that stole footage from Marine Corps recruiting ads. The Albuquerque Journal later reported that Weh was forced to take down the offending ad. “Marine Corps Recruiting Command officials called Allen Weh’s campaign headquarters today and expressed concern with regard to their use of Marine recruitment advertising footage in their political campaign ad,” Marine Maj. John Larson said in an email to the Journal. [Albuquerque Journal, 7/31/2014]

Bregman continued: “It’s not even Labor Day, and Allen Weh is already desperate. He doesn’t care who he hurts or what rules he breaks as long as it gets him what he wants.

“Meanwhile Tom Udall is talking about how he’s standing up for New Mexicans,” Bregman concluded. “Fortunately, New Mexico voters know that Tom Udall has the integrity to do what’s right for New Mexico in the U.S. Senate.”