New TV Ad Tells How Tom Udall Helped New Mexico Get Running Water

Udall overcame Senate gridlock to pass legislation creating a major pipeline project, bringing water to a community that had hauled water for generations

The Udall campaign’s latest TV ad tells the story of how Tom Udall helped get clean running water for a New Mexico family, one of hundreds on and near the Navajo Nation who will no longer have to haul water to their homes because Udall was able to secure funding for a major water pipeline project.

While fighting for New Mexico’s bases and national labs may get him more attention, the ad says, it’s just as important to Udall to help families and support small communities across the state. The new ad features the Jim family on the Navajo Nation, who had had to haul water eight miles to get it to their sick and elderly parents near Whitehorse Lake, N.M. The Jims now have clean, running water as a result of legislation Udall introduced and passed, despite obstruction in the U.S. Senate.

“If you lived in Whitehorse Lake, New Mexico, it was an eight-mile drive to get fresh water. And because Andrew lost his leg, and Sarah her sight to diabetes, their children brought the water to them,” says a narrator in the ad, which runs 30 seconds and began airing today. “But now they just come by to say hello, because Tom Udall got the community running water.”

As Senator for New Mexico, Udall has been a strong defender of funding for the labs and bases. Just as important, as a member of the Appropriations Committee and the Environment and Public Works Committee, Udall also has worked to get water and other critical infrastructure projects built to help strengthen economic opportunities for communities across New Mexico.

Udall, along with former Senator Jeff Bingaman, passed legislation approving the San Juan River Water Settlement and then secured funding for the Navajo Gallup Water Supply Project, a major component of the settlement, which provides certainty to the Navajo Nation and other New Mexico residents who rely on San Juan Basin water. Andrew and Sarah Jim now are among the 550 residents of Whitehorse Lake, north of Grants, N.M., who have access to running water as a result of Udall’s work to fund the Cutter Lateral, a segment of the Navajo Gallup project. A reliable water supply will keep families healthy, support economic development and attract young people back to the community.

“Whether it’s defending our national labs and bases or bringing water to a rural community like Whitehorse Lake, Tom Udall is working hard in the U.S. Senate to do what’s right for families across New Mexico,” said Campaign Manager Daniel Sena. “Tom is working across party lines to overcome gridlock, pass legislation and secure resources that are critical to strengthening New Mexico’s economy.”

Watch the new television ad HERE.