Gary King Criticizes Republican Susana Martinez Latest Mailer and Record

Gary King criticized Republican Governor Susana Martinez’ latest campaign mailer, calling it, “absurd, and an insult to our teachers and students.”

“When I saw this, I could barely believe my eyes,” said King Friday. “This is almost as off the wall as telling people she is ‘so pro-teacher it isn’t even funny.’ Well I have a message for Governor Martinez; it’s not funny. One in three kids going to bed hungry is not funny.

Graduation rates improving at a snail’s pace, while remaining on par with the worst in the nation is not funny. 63% graduation rates and 56% of our students being economically challenged is not funny. So I’m really interested to see why the Governor is so proud of going from complete worst, to not much better. New Mexico needs change, and we need it now. This Governor has had four years to improve our schools, and she has failed to deliver.” Kings comments come as Gov. Martinez and Secretary Designate Hanna Skandera take heat from the media regarding education policy.

“Hanna Skandera and Gov. Martinez’ approach to education is a failure. She claims to be an ally of teachers – then why are teachers leaving New Mexico at a historic rate? Her policies have failed in the past, and are failing now. And we are letting down our kids if we allow this to continue.”