DPNM Chair Responds to Governor Martinez’s Support of Open Primaries

GOP Chair to ‘reconsider’ total opposition announced only yesterday

DPNM Chairman Sam Bregman responded quickly to Governor Martinez’s support of open primaries. “We’ll see if she still supports open primaries after the November 4th election. It will be interesting to see if her political lackey SOS Dianna Duran shares this view and if GOP Chair Billingsley can figure out what position he’s supposed to take, depending on what Gov. Martinez orders him to do.

Regardless of how many positions Republicans take based on their polls, Democratic officials led by Sen. Bill O’Neil, Rep. Emily Kane and SOS nominee Maggie Toulouse-Oliver, will move forward to open and expand our voting process so that independents are included and everyone is allowed to participate.”

Bregman added: “That’s what Democrat’s do. We know when there is more participation, everyone wins.”