Allen Weh Steals Footage in First TV Ad

Weh blatantly violates military regulations, copyright and trademark law

Today, the Democratic Party of New Mexico called on Allen Weh to remove a TV ad featuring numerous clips of footage illegally taken from military recruitment videos. (Click here to see the ad).

Weh’s campaign ad liberally appropriates b-roll from U.S. Marine Corps recruiting ads posted on YouTube. The Marine Corps footage is spliced in with occasional home-movie shots from Weh’s campaign and passed off as his own. Weh’s ad violates copyright, fails to follow Department of Defense directives, including section, clearly requiring that the use of the footage must be accompanied by disclaimers, which are not in his video. Further, use of the U.S. Marine Corps insignia is a violation of trademark law.

“Allen Weh chose to start his first ad of the general election on a self-serving and dishonest note. While we respect Allen Weh’s service to our country, we think he could have found a way to talk about that without taking major portions of his ad from the Marine Corps without permission,” said DPNM Chairman Sam Bregman. “The only honorable thing to do would be to remove the pirated footage or remove the ad in its entirety.”

“The truth is that after leaving the military, Allen Weh has never done anything for anyone but himself. Maybe that’s why the only original content in his ad is a shot of Weh being driven around and waving from a car in a parade,” Bregman continued. “Meanwhile, Tom Udall is talking about real accomplishments on behalf of New Mexico families.”

“With the nearly three-quarters of a million dollars that Allen Weh has poured into trying to buy a senate seat, it’s hard to tell why he chose not to spend more of that money shooting his own ads instead of stealing footage. Maybe Weh just really thinks that it’s ok to steal from the U.S. Marines,” Bregman concluded.

Included with this release is a side-by-side comparison of scenes in Allen Weh’s ad and the U.S. Marine Corps recruiting ads from which they were taken.

Frame by frame documentation is available HERE.