NM Film and Television Industry Vital To State Economy

New study highlights role of Dem sponsored/supported tax incentives

This week, Part 1 of a new commissioned study on the NM Film and Television Industry was released.  The film/television industry, strongly supported by state legislative Democrats, has been one of the few state job creators during the past 10 years.  In addition to film and television employment, the industry creates economic impacts through production spending, infrastructure spending, and film induced tourism.

This Governor vetoed the “breaking bad” bill and instituted caps on these vital tax incentives that provide jobs and generate income for thousands of New Mexicans. Why did Governor Martinez try to blow it up and destroy this job creating engine?

New Mexico Democrats have worked tirelessly in both houses of the legislature to protect this vibrant and vital industry.

What has Governor Martinez and NM Republicans accomplished?

Nothing. Zero. Zilch.

This is Governor Martinez’s New Mexico:

–50th in nation for well being of children

–zero jobs created—state lost almost 6000 jobs within last year

–1st in nation for child hunger; 2nd for adults

New Mexico Democrats, led by Senator Tom Udall and Gary King, are ready to offer common sense ideas, as well as a vision to help create jobs, maintain affordable health care and ensure our kids have a world class education.

DPNM is building a better future for clean, good paying jobs so that our kids and future generations will always be able to call New Mexico their home.

Help us.

Starting now.