Gary King: Passing Mississippi in Kid Count Ranking Nothing to be Proud Of

Attorney General King said in a statement issued yesterday that New Mexico surpassing Mississippi to 49th in childhood well-being is, “nothing to be proud of.”

Gary King

Gary King

“Times are hard for our kids and New Mexican families,” said King Tuesday. “The bottom line is that the battle over last and next to last is nothing to be proud of. All this tells us, is that things are bad in New Mexico, and just got worse in Mississippi, which is nothing to get excited about.”

“The best anti-poverty strategy is a quality education and a good paying job,” said Deb Haaland, the Democratic nominee for Lt. Gov; Kings running mate. “That is why it is imperative that we tap into our state’s Permanent Fund, the third largest in the nation with an excess of $13.5 billion, and properly fund childhood education so that New Mexico’s kids have a better shot at success. It is terrible that we are willing to sit here and allow this to happen while there is a tangible solution under state government’s control. We must act now to save our children today, tomorrow, and our future generations.”

The King and Haaland statements come on the heels of New Mexico being named 49th in childhood well being and childhood education, among other key indicators that are used to determine quality of life for children, as opposed to 50th.