New Mexico Is Ranked Dead Last In Private Sector Job Growth. Dead Last.

Thousands and thousands of New Mexicans have been forced to move out of state the past 3 and a half years for one reason: Republican Governor Martinez.

Over the past year, New Mexico lost 600 jobs for a 0.1 negative growth rate. The Albuquerque region alone lost 2700 jobs for a 0.7 negative growth rate.

Governor Martinez’s response: Nothing. Zilch. Zero.

Republicans are always touting their pro-business/pro jobs experience EXCEPT when they are in charge and then the blame game starts as one failure after another spews forth that hurts and destroys middle class families. Who gets the blame? The media, Democrats, unions, the poor, government employees, immigrants and liberals are the usual targets.

This is Governor Martinez’s New Mexico:

  • 50th in nation for well being of children
  • zero jobs created—state lost almost 6000 jobs within last year
  • 1st in nation for child hunger; 2nd for adults

And just a few days ago:

  • New Mexico leads nation in alcohol-related deaths

And her solutions:

Had enough?

Will you contribute $15, $20 or $25 to elect pro-jobs Democrats, so that we can defeat this mean, petty and vindictive Governor that keeps New Mexico at the bottom for everything? Please help us by contributing whatever you can spare today.

New Mexico Democrats have chosen Gary King as our choice for Governor and have assembled a statewide ticket that will be ready on day one with ideas and a vision to put New Mexicans back to work and ensure our kids get the world class education they deserve.

Step up, join in and help elect a Democratic team that is ready, willing and able to build a better future today.

We can do better. Much better.

Right now.