Thoughts from Sam

Tomorrow the New Mexico Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO begins their annual COPE Convention in Santa Fe. DPNM is proud to offer its support, as well as to all working men and women that get up every day and go to work to help make our communities safe and sound.

Governor Martinez, like Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin, seeks to curtail and destroy the collective bargaining process and doesn’t care if working men and women and their families suffer or even fall off a cliff because of it. Attacking unions is a classic Republican ploy and helps raise campaign funds from national Republican groups that seek to destroy progressive values and the working class that has made America the envy of the entire world.

2014 is an election year and only one party is standing up and fighting to make the economy work for all of us, not just wealthy individuals and large corporations. Only one party is fighting for social security and for Medicare. And only one party is working to create jobs and provide a world class education for the children of New Mexico. The Democratic Party of New Mexico is that party and together with organized labor is ready to work hard and elect Democratic candidates like Gary King that have a plan and vision for the future.

DPNM salutes and thanks organized labor for the sacrifices and hard work that is performed month after month and year after year so that we can have a life full of benefits like a 40 hour week, a minimum wage and strong child labor laws.

Together, we are moving forward and building a better future for all New Mexican families.

Right now.