Weekly Address: Bringing our Workplace Policies into the 21st Century

In this week’s address, the President previewed Monday’s first-ever White House Summit on Working Families where he will bring together businesses leaders and workers to discuss the challenges that working parents face every day and lift up solutions that are good for these families and American businesses. Many working families can’t afford basic needs like childcare or receive simple benefits such as paid family leave that are common in most countries around the world.

When hardworking Americans are forced to choose between work and family, America lags behind in a global economy.  To stay competitive and economically successful, America needs to bring our workplace policies into the 21st century.

Mensaje De La Casa Blanca

En el mensaje de esta semana, Katherine Archuleta, la Directora de Personal de los Estados Unidos habló sobre la primera Cumbre de Familias Trabajadoras organizada por la Casa Blanca y las necesidades básicas de familias trabajadoras en este país. Prestaciones que permitan ausencia del trabajo, el cuidado de los niños, y la remuneración justa ayudarán a las madres y los padres de familia trabajadores que merecen mejores políticas laborales en sus trabajos.

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En Español: Mensaje de la Casa Blanca.