Martinez/Duran: Driving New Mexico to the Bottom

Gov and Sec of State do-nothing failures; King/Toulouse-Oliver ready to build a better future

On June 3rd New Mexico Democrats selected their nominees for local and statewide offices. Our candidates spent months on the campaign trail listening to and proposing their ideas and solutions to solve problems and improve the lives of hard working New Mexican families. That’s what Democrats do.

Governor Martinez and Secretary of State Duran,after almost 4 years of repeated failures, believe in attack and blame. Attack and blame everyone else, refusing to take responsibility for driving New Mexico into the ground and surpassing Mississippi in 50th and last place on every list that is important.

Governor Martinez’s failed leadership:

  • 50th in nation for well being of children
  • zero jobs created—state lost almost 6000 jobs within last year
  • 1st in nation for child hunger; 2nd for adults

Secretary of State Duran’s miserable record:

  • Initiated witch-hunt against immigrants and Hispanics during first months in office; attempted to purge thousands of Hispanics from voter files.
  • Hired right wing fanatic Rod Adair to oversee “public policy.” Translation? Do everything possible to restrict voting and make process as difficult as possible.
  • June 3, election night, Duran and Adair made “mean and nasty” phone calls to 2 county clerks, displaying out-of-control pattern of arrogance and vindictiveness.

These mean, incompetent and petty officials are two examples of what’s wrong with the Republican Party.

Same Governor Martinez and SOS Dianna Duran. Same old GOP.

Gary King and Maggie Toulouse-Oliver understand the issues and problems that face New Mexicans on a daily basis. Instead of being petty, mean and vindictive, they offer common sense solutions to create jobs, provide world class education for our kids and make voting easier and more accessible for all New Mexicans. The contrast is clear; the solution is easy.

DPNM is building a better future.