Governor Martinez Refuses Help to Create NM Jobs

Efforts by Sens. Keller and Candelaria rebuffed and ignored; 6000 jobs at stake

For the first time since Governor Martinez took office, a company is interested in creating almost 6000 jobs in New Mexico. Two NM State Senators have stepped up-Sen. Keller and Sen. Candelaria, and offered ideas and possible incentives to help make this happen.

Except that Governor Martinez is more interested in making cheap political attacks against Keller and Candelaria than creating jobs and helping New Mexican families.

“Governor Martinez has done absolutely nothing to create jobs in New Mexico except for her wealthy friends and anyone that can help with her national political career. We should be doing everything to bring good paying jobs to New Mexico. Senator Keller and Candelaria deserve our thanks for trying to help create jobs, since Governor Martinez can’t and won’t do anything to improve our economy and put New Mexicans back to work,” stated DPNM Chairman Sam Bregman.

Please call the New Mexico Republican Party and tell them to support a proactive, transparent process to get the Tesla jobs for New Mexico. They can be reached at 505-298-3662.

Be sure to let them know that we need cooperation to recover our economy, not grandstanding and gamesmanship, because getting our families back to work is her job.

To read Sen. Keller’s and Sen. Candelaria’s call to action on Tesla, click here.