A Special Thought from Sam

On June 3 New Mexico Democrats will vote for and elect their nominees to run in the general election on November 4. Many of our primary races are contested, including the gubernatorial and state treasurer’s race.

The gubernatorial race has been a spirited, clean race that has been issues oriented and has stayed clear from personal attacks.

The same cannot be said for the state treasurer’s race. As DPNM Chair I cannot and will not endorse a candidate. Both candidates are friends.

However, character assassination against a fellow Democrat is unacceptable and despicable. Accusing a longtime Democratic elected official of being a sexist, racist and homophobe is not only anti-Democratic but feeds into the hands of Governor Martinez and the state Republican Party. This type of behavior pits one group of Democrats against another and has the potential to inflict damage upon the future Democratic nominee.

As DPNM Chair I feel a responsibility to stand up and speak out when I see individual candidates acting out of desperation and a desire to win at any cost, ignoring the real issues and causing potential harm to the Democratic Party.

Fraudulent and made up charges of sexism, racism and homophobia are not only wrong but have no place within the Democratic Party of New Mexico.

Our candidates are the best men and women in New Mexico, offering ideas and vision for the future. Ignore candidates that allege they are “the real Democrat.”

Support the candidate that best reflects Democratic core values of truth, honesty and integrity on June 3.

We are building a better future—for all New Mexicans.