Governor Martinez–Zero Jobs Created; New Mexico Continues to Lose -5900 Jobs

Martinez and GOP failed policies, lack of vision have caused thousands to flee state

Enough is enough. Governor Martinez has been in office 40 months and has failed to create jobs or do anything to improve the economy. Every single state in the southwestern United States and across the country except New Mexico and Virginia has created jobs.

Once again, for the 12 months ending in April 2014, New Mexico lost 5900 jobs. It keeps getting worse and Governor Martinez can’t and won’t do anything to fix it.

Governor Martinez’s priority is to keep holding endless fundraisers to raise even more money than the $5 million dollars she has currently raised for her re-election campaign. The Martinez/McCleskey strategy: ignore New Mexican families, and focus on the next political office instead of the catastrophic mess she has created in New Mexico.

Fact: Governor Martinez and state Republicans have no plan, ideas or vision except to keep pushing policies for the fortunate few and special interests that don’t need more help. That’s it.

Had enough?

Will you contribute $20.14 to help defeat this mean, petty and vindictive Governor that keeps New Mexico at the bottom for everything? Please help us by contributing whatever you can spare today.

Click on this link to view the latest out-of-state high dollar fundraiser that Governor Martinez and National Republicans are begging and soliciting contributions for, held last night in Washington, DC.

On June 3rd, New Mexico Democrats will choose our nominee for Governor. Anyone of our 5 candidates would be a better choice than Governor Martinez and her failed policies. Exercise your right to vote and make your choice, so we can elect a Democratic Governor that will create jobs and ensure our kids have a world class education that offers all New Mexican families a better future.