NBC News Highlights Candidacy of Roxanne Lara in CD2

NBC News is highlighting the candidacy of Roxanne “Rocky” Lara today. Lara is the Democratic candidate for Congress in New Mexico’s 2nd Congressional District, which encompasses the southern part of New Mexico,

“The candidate Democrats hope will buck the projections is Roxanne “Rocky” Lara, a fifth generation New Mexican whose nickname recalls the fictional boxer from the 1976 movie whose theme song is the motivational tune for underdogs everywhere” the NBC News article states.

“It is so important for the people in our district to have some change and this is the year to do it … His (Pearce’s) vulnerability is very high. He’s never had to run against someone like me,” said Lara, who said she owns a pair a boxing gloves but hasn’t done more than a little bit of kickboxing for exercise.”

The district’s population is almost 52 percent Latino but it is not solidly Democrat. President Barack Obama lost the district in 2012, getting 46.5 percent of the vote. But Sen. Martin Heinrich, a Democrat, won the area in his Senate bid that year.

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