Does Dianna Duran #StandWithRand?

Over the weekend the New York Times reported that Senator Rand Paul has spoken out against efforts to restrict access to the voting booth saying, “Everybody has gone completely crazy on this voter ID thing,” and “I think it’s wrong for the Republicans to go too crazy on this issue because it is offending people.”

Senator Paul is widely regarded as a leader in the Republican party, a major contender for the 2016 GOP Presidential nomination and is now the most prominent member of his party to take a stand against the highly divisive and partisan attempts to restrict access to the ballot box.

So the question here in New Mexico is, does Dianna Duran #StandWithRand?

As Secretary of State, Duran has repeatedly fought for the passage of voter ID bills and is responsible for sending a deceptive mailing to 180,000 registered voters which may have lead people to believe they were no longer eligible to vote.

“While I’ve worked to expand early voting opportunities and modernize the voting process to make it easier for people to vote, Dianna Duran has worked to make it harder to vote, including her support of restrictive photo ID bills and sending a deceptive mailing to 180,000 registered voters which may have lead them to believe they were no longer eligible to vote. I challenge her to listen to a leader from her own party and take a stand against these laws that stop people from exercising this fundamental right.”

See the full article at the New York Times. Click Here.

We Will Do Better

maggieMaggie Toulouse Oliver, the Democratic Candidate for New Mexico Secretary of State, grew up in New Mexico, attended Albuquerque public schools and received her Masters Degree in Political Science from the University of New Mexico. She has served as Bernalillo County Clerk since 2007, where improving the integrity of the election process and delivering top customer service have been the highest priorities. This year, President Obama’s Election Commission lauded the work Toulouse Oliver has done in Bernalillo County including vote centers and innovations like the ‘My Vote Center’ app as some of the best practices in the nation. Maggie has also been a leading voice to promote the Voter Expansion Project, an initiative aimed at ensuring that every eligible citizen is registered to vote, all registered voters have access to the ballot box and every vote is accurately counted. As our next Secretary of State, Maggie will build on this progress and work to make voting easier and more accessible for every New Mexican. Maggie lives in Albuquerque with her husband Allan and two sons.