Mother’s Day Event in Roswell Launches Hispanic Voter Registration and Civic Engagement Initiatives

Mothers and their children will gather at Pioneer Plaza in Roswell on Saturday to decry the separation of families due to a failed immigration system and to voice their commitment to making immigration reform a reality. The event, organized by Somos Chaves County, will launch a regional Hispanic voter and civic engagement initiative led by immigrants, many of whom live in families with mixed legal status. The participants will make a public pledge to register hundreds of new Hispanic voters and bring them to the polls in the upcoming election.

“Because no Mother Should be Separated from Her Children”

WHEN: Saturday, May 10th 1:30pm

WHERE: Pioneer Plaza in Roswell
(in front of the Court House, 401 N. Main Street)

Somos Un Pueblo Unido is a New Mexico-based immigrant advocacy organization with affiliates in ten New Mexico counties.