Standing Room Only–DPNM Gubernatorial Forum Featured All Dem Candidates

Successful, packed forum of 200+ live streamed for first time

A few days ago, DPNM hosted its first candidate forum for the 5 Democrats seeking the gubernatorial nomination. The packed forum was filled with energy and electricity as our Democratic candidates answered detailed questions describing their plans and vision for the future.

Click on this link to watch the entire forum.

Why was this forum so successful? Because New Mexico Democrats are united, fed up and ready to defeat Governor Martinez, the worst Governor in New Mexico’s history. Anyone of our 5 candidates would be a better Governor than the miserable, failed Governor currently holding office.

Will you contribute $20 to help defeat this mean, petty and vindictive Governor that keeps New Mexico at the bottom of every list? Please help us by contributing whatever you can spare today.

  • New Mexico 50th, and in last place among all states for the well-being of children; 1st in nation for child hunger, 2nd for adults
  • 42,000 jobs lost; only western state not showing economic recovery

Instead of working to solve the critical problems facing New Mexico, Governor Martinez is out-of-state begging for money to further her national political career:

Fundraiser for New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez to Feature GOP House, Senate, and Party Bigwigs

Read the invitation to Martinez’s May 21 fundraiser. Click Here.

Will you contribute $20 to help defeat Governor Martinez and stand up for New Mexico’s working class families? Please help us by contributing whatever you can spare today.

DPNM is working non-stop to support all of our candidates from the bottom to the top during 2014. Get involved, work hard and volunteer to ensure that all Democrats win on November 4.

DPNM is building the future.

Right now.