Weekly Address: The President’s Year of Action

In this week’s address, the President provided an update on the work his Administration has done to strengthen the economy and expand opportunity for hardworking Americans in this Year of Action. While Republicans in Congress are setting records in obstruction, the President is making progress for the American people and has taken more than 20 executive actions since January.

The President vowed to continue taking action on his own wherever possible, but underscored that much more progress could be made if Republicans in Congress were less interested in stacking the deck in favor of those at the top, and more interested in expanding opportunity for all.

VIDEO MENSAJE DE LA CASA BLANCA: Reflexionando sobre el Año de Acción

En el mensaje de esta semana, Director Asociado de la Oficina del Enlace Público Jorge Neri discutió el año de la acción en la que el Presidente hará lo que pueda para ayudar a crear más puestos de trabajo y oportunidades para las familias trabajadoras.

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En Español: Video mensaje de la Casa Blanca.