The GOP ‘dream ticket?’

Less than six months ago, campaigning together during the final stretch of Christie’s reelection campaign, Chris Christie and Susana Martinez were the GOP’s 2016 “Dream Ticket.”

And now?

Both are plagued by scandal and troubling accusations about their unethical – and potentially illegal – behavior.

Chris Christie faces federal and state investigations into whether he and his aides abused their power after risking public safety in a reported scheme to exact political revenge. A grand jury is interviewing witnesses, and state legislative investigators have subpoenaed another round of current and former Christie aides for testimony.

And in New Mexico, Susana Martinez is under fire for demeaning, profanity-laden comments about her political opponents, her top aide abusing state resources for personal purchases, and now whether, as District Attorney, she and her aides accessed law enforcement databases for political activity.

So the GOP’s “dream ticket” is two governors who are drowning in controversy for allegations of misusing resources, intimidation and unethical behavior? It should be surprising. But with more and more of their 2016 contenders facing scandalsthe GOP’s running out of options for scandal-free candidates for their ticket.