Governor Martinez: Appoints Political Hacks That Insult New Mexicans; Then Refuses To Apologize

Martinez encourages culture of bullying and intimidation towards women and people of color

By now, the entire United States has heard about the scathing and embarrassing expose on Governor Martinez, first published a few weeks ago in Mother Jones magazine. The article included audio links from the 2010 campaign that made crystal clear the contempt and disregard Gov. Martinez and her staff have for women, the political process and all New Mexicans.

To recap, here are two of those audio links:

Listen to Martinez’s team bash the NM Women’s Commission. Click Here.

Listen to Matt Kennicott. Click Here.

Since Gov. Martinez remains unaccountable to New Mexican voters, her closest advisers display rude and contemptible behavior towards anyone that dares question their role in state government.

Will you contribute $15 to help defeat this mean, petty and vindictive Governor that tolerates bad behavior and keeps New Mexico at the bottom for everything? Please help us by contributing whatever you can spare today.

After being caught on tape laughing and insulting New Mexicans, after her Chief of Staff gets caught charging personal items to his state credit card and after her closest advisers display a pattern of anger and violence, Governor Martinez refuses to apologize for even one of these actions.

Anyone else would be fired and at least forced to issue an apology.

No jobs created, New Mexico dead last for well being of children and first for child hunger. No plan or vision for anything.

Stand up, speak out and work hard to defeat the worst Governor in New Mexico’s history.

Right now.