What’s Going On With Dianna Duran and Mack Energy?

Let’s play connect the dots with Dianna Duran, Jay McCleskey & heavy-hitting GOP mega donors:

In 2010, Dianna Duran took $7,500 from Mack Energy Corporation.

Then in 2012, Mack Energy, and its founder and president, Mack Chase along with another of his companies Chase Oil, gave $180,000 to start a super PAC, Reform New Mexico Now, run by Jay McCleskey. McCleskey then concealed the dates of those contributions in order to hide the fact that he broke state election laws.

Despite her duty to investigate possible violations of campaign law, Duran refused to request copies of the checks from McCleskey, or from Mack Energy or Chase Oil.

Instead of requesting the checks, McCleskey, who Duran paid $100,000 to help her win her election received only a slap on the wrist six months after the illegal conduct was first brought to her office, and Mack Energy and Chase Oil were left out of the investigation completely.

And now after giving her max-out campaign donors Mack Energy and Mack Chase a free pass, they again have contributed large sums of money again to her campaign.

What’s your take?

Is this ethical?

Should Duran be soliciting money from corporations that break the law?