Governor Martinez: Petty, Mean and Ready to Do Anything to Win

Yesterday, Mother Jones released an in depth, behind-the-scenes article on Governor Martinez.

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“Governor Martinez is mean, nasty and vindictive—not at all like the grandmotherly persona she has made up and tried to con New Mexicans to believe in. This Governor, Jay McCleskey and her staff have created a culture of bullying and threats using government funds for their personal enemies list. She and her political hacks disgrace the office of the Governor, showing her contempt for all New Mexicans,” said DPNM Chairman Sam Bregman.

Mother Jones excerpts:

Item: “What the hell does a commission on women’s cabinet do all day long?” Martinez asked.

“I think [deputy campaign operations director Matt] Stackpole wants to be the director of that so he can study more women,” Kennicott said.

“Well, we have to do what we have to do,” McCleskey chimed in, as Martinez burst out laughing. (As governor, she would line-item veto the commission’s entire budget.)

Will you contribute $15 to help defeat this mean, petty and vindictive Governor that keeps New Mexico at the bottom while making an ‘enemies’ list priority one? Please help us by contributing whatever you can spare today.

Item: And in yet another debate prep meeting, Kennicott mocked the language skills of Ben Luján, a former state House speaker and a political icon to New Mexico Latinos: “Somebody told me he’s absolutely eloquent in Spanish, but his English? He sounds like a retard.”

If that comment wasn’t insulting and offensive enough, Gov. Martinez installs Mr. Kennicott at the NM Human Services Department, the agency charged with providing key services to people with mental disabilities, as Communications Director. This is the caliber and standard Governor Martinez employs for senior staff.

Item: “In private, Martinez implied teachers earned too much: ‘During the campaign, we can’t say it, I guess, because it’s education, but…they already don’t work, you know, two and a half months out of the year.’”

Help elect a Democratic Governor that will focus on jobs and education for New Mexicans instead of inventing and obsessing about political ‘enemies’.

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