Congressman Steve Pearce Endorses Prejudice and Bigotry

Racist blogger hired then fired within days—comment comparing President Obama to Hitler ignored by Pearce

Steve Pearce is disgrace and embarrassment to all New Mexicans, has no values, hires racist and prejudiced individuals with taxpayer funds and then sees nothing wrong with defaming and insulting racial and ethnic groups that don’t swear allegiance to the Republican Party.

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Congressman Pearce, representing the 2nd Congressional District and its 698,000 residents decided it was okay to hire a racist bigot as his press secretary, paid for with taxpayer funds. After the ensuing firestorm controversy that developed, this individual was fired but her comments were never disavowed. Why?

Select Tweets:

  • makes light of the holocaust–“Jews went up in smoke”
  • equates slavery to abortion
  • compares political reporters to war criminals
  • compares President Obama to Hitler

REALLY? And Steve Pearce finds NOTHING offensive or insulting in these comments?

Can you donate $25, $50, or $100 today to help us defeat Steve Pearce and make sure CD-2 constituents are represented by a Member of Congress that says insulting anyone at anytime is never acceptable?

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