Why Would Rio Rancho Elect Greg Hull As Mayor?

Truth challenged mayoral candidate had legal residence in Albuquerque until 2013 and faced repeated legal actions in child support, home foreclosure

Rio Rancho will elect a new Mayor on April 15th. One candidate, Greg Hull has just moved to New Mexico’s 4th largest city within the past 9 months and now is trying to deceive voters regarding his background and experience.

Rio Rancho needs a Mayor that is open, honest and ready to lead the city forward with ideas and vision. Mike Williams is ready to lead on day one.

Mr. Hull has spent the past 15 years going from one train wreck to the next, making it up day after day and on and on.

  • Didn’t even live in Rio Rancho until 2013–Albuquerque resident until July 2013
  • Violated child support; deadbeat dad forced to pay lump sum of over $10,000 to settle case
  • Repeated attempts to mislead voters with blatant and hypocritical campaign deceptions like “family man,” “strong family values,” “deep roots in Rio Rancho.”

Why would anyone that lives in Rio Rancho vote for Greg Hull?

Rio Rancho needs strong leaders that have time tested values that include trust, honesty, courage, and responsibility. Greg Hull has failed every test and has no loyalty, interest or understanding as a candidate or even what issues matter to city residents. Living on the west side of ABQ is not the same as living in Rio Rancho.

Vote for a proven leader and former interim Mayor, Mike Williams. Elect Tom Buckner for City Council, so that Mike has strong support on the Council.

Mike Williams and Tom Buckner are building a better future for Rio Rancho.