Governor Martinez and State Republicans Unleash War on NM Labor Unions

Martinez follows Scott Walker playbook attacking working men and women to further national career

Governor Martinez has held office for 39 months and failed to create one job or even pretend she is capable of understanding how to do so.

New Mexico is 50th and last place for the well being of children, first in child hunger and second for adults. There has been a calculated and sustained effort to destroy behavioral health for almost 30,000 New Mexicans, outsourcing these services to for-profit companies in Arizona.

Now, the worst Governor in New Mexico history has made working men and women and the unions that represent them, her next target in her ruthless efforts to further a national political career in the Republican Party. There is not one person or group she won’t push under a speeding bus to make this happen.

This Governor, like Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin, seeks to curtail and destroy the collective bargaining process and doesn’t care if working men and women and their families suffer or fall off a cliff because of it. Attacking unions is a classic Republican ploy and helps raise campaign funds from national Republican groups that seek to destroy progressive values and the working class that has made America the envy of the entire world.

Will you contribute $25 or $50 to help defeat Governor Martinez and stand up for New Mexico’s working class families? Please help us by contributing whatever you can spare today.

NM House Republicans have joined in Governor Martinez’s attacks on working class men and women by trying to curtail third party payroll deductions, thereby causing undue hardship on unions that have been duly chosen to stand up for their interests throughout New Mexico.

Whether it’s looking at ways to curtail voting, de-fund state government or attack working class men and women, Governor Martinez and the Republican Party are on the wrong side of history on issue after issue that seeks to improve lives and give hope to New Mexican families.

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