DPNM Chairman Sam Bregman and Candidate for Secretary of State Maggie Toulouse-Oliver Highlight DNC’s New Voter Expansion Project for New Mexico

Earlier today, DPNM Sam Bregman led a conference call with New Mexico Secretary of State Candidate Maggie Toulouse-Oliver and Pratt Wiley, Director of Voter Expansion at the DNC to discuss the Voter Expansion Project and its impact on New Mexico.

The Voter Expansion Project was announced in a video by former President Bill Clinton to DNC supporters.

“As Democrats, we support greater participation and inclusion – this is a Democratic core value. It’s not enough to just oppose voting restrictions: we need to aggressively promote one of the most fundamental rights we have in this country—the right to vote.” said Sam Bregman, Chairman of the Democratic Party of New Mexico. (DPNM)

He added, “Unfortunately Secretary of State Duran and the Republican Party have adopted a strategy to disenfranchise and intimidate large segments of the voting population, including Native Americans and Latinos throughout New Mexico. That will change come November.”

Maggie Toulouse-Oliver, candidate for Secretary of State said, “I believe in ensuring that the right to vote is expanded to everyone, not just members of my own party,” said Toulouse Oliver. “The Voter Expansion Project is a huge step forward toward the reality of guaranteeing and protecting the right to vote for every citizen in New Mexico.”

The DNC Voter Expansion Project will ensure that the Democratic Party not only protects Americans’ right to vote, but that we also work proactively with states across the country to expand voting. The DNC’s Voter Expansion Project will ensure that every eligible voter can register, that every registered voter can vote, and that every vote is accurately counted.