Expanding Voting Opportunities—A Core Value For Democrats

There is a new bold effort to expand the right to vote that is being undertaken by the Democratic National Committee as well as the DPNM. It’s not enough to just oppose voting restrictions: we need to aggressively promote one of the most fundamental rights we have in this country—the right to vote.

Here in New Mexico, the Republican Secretary of State, Diana Duran has spent 3 years trying to restrict, scare and disenfranchise thousands of voters in areas that typically vote Democratic.

Item: In the border town of Chaparral during the 2012 election, there was uncontrolled chaos and long lines until 11 PM as local citizens waited to exercise their constitutional right to vote. When nonpartisan volunteers offered food and water, they were threatened with arrest. Translators disappeared after 2 hours and police kept a visible presence, increasing the intimidation factor for citizens waiting in line to just vote. Rep. Nate Cote (D-Las Cruces) called the Republican Clerk of Otero County to discuss the situation. Her response: not aware of any problems or issues during voting in Chaparral.

Item: Secretary of State Duran appoints former Senator Rod Adair to be in charge of Native American outreach. Really? Appointing a partisan, right wing fanatic that thought banning sharia law in New Mexico was a pressing issue for its citizens?

Item: During the 2013 Albuquerque Mayor’s race, voting centers at UNM were abolished by the Republican City Council majority, denying college students easier access to voting. Why?

Will you contribute $25 or $50 to help defeat Secretary of State Diana Duran so we can expand voting opportunities for all New Mexicans? Please help us by contributing whatever you can spare today.

It’s clear that we must elect a Democratic Secretary of State and that candidate is Maggie Toulouse-Oliver. She will ensure that the voting process is easier for all New Mexicans instead of erecting barriers and obstacles that intimidate and discourage citizens from exercising this fundamental constitutional right.

DPNM is building a better future.

Right now.