Thoughts from Sam

The 2014 NM legislative session ended last week and Democrats listened, helped and protected New Mexican families.

Two major priorities—raising the minimum wage and tapping the permanent fund for early childhood education were attacked and blocked by Governor Martinez. Under marching orders from the Governor and shadow Governor McCleskey, Republicans ignored, delayed and ‘took a walk’ purposely missing committee and floor votes—over 500, to defeat legislation that would have changed lives and made life better for New Mexicans.

After the legislative session ended, Governor Martinez complained that things were “too partisan and too political.” Really? After uttering these words, a new Twitter account @martinez4prez, instantly appeared: “Our mission is to raise awareness of New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez, a solid conservative who can beat [Democrat] Hillary [Clinton] in 2016.” Then the shadow Governor unleashed a ‘political’ fundraising appeal against immigrant driver’s licenses on the Governor’s campaign Facebook account.

Will you contribute $10, $25 or $50 to help defeat Governor Martinez and help elect more NM House Democrats? Republicans have no plan or vision for New Mexico.

Governor Martinez has proven time and time again that her words mean nothing and that after almost 38 months in office, she is helpless to govern and incapable of leading a state that needs thousands of jobs and a functioning education system that will prepare our kids for the 21st century.

Martinez’s response: blame everyone, do nothing and plot your next political office. Meanwhile, New Mexico races to the bottom in everything.

Help NM Democrats build a future that includes job solutions and a world class education for our kids.