“Sine Die” — House Democrats Fight For New Mexico Families

After 30 days of hard work in the legislature, Democratic lawmakers in the House of Representatives can state proudly that they created jobs, strengthened education, and fought for working New Mexico families.

“I want to start by thanking everyone who made this session another success, from the staff, the analysts, and the hard working members in both chambers and on both sides of the aisle.”

“I am proud of the hard work the House of Representatives has accomplished in the 2014 session,” says Speaker Ken Martinez (D-Bernalillo, Cibola, McKinley, San Juan, Socorro & Valencia-69). “This was a budget session. We worked closely with the Republicans and the Governor to pass a budget that prioritizes education. We passed a budget that decreases class sizes, equalizes funding for all of our children, gives teachers and administrators the control where they think the money is best spent, and it gives teachers a much needed pay raise.”

“It’s no secret that New Mexico’s economy is lagging behind neighboring states. We saw the problem, and last year we created the Jobs Council. This session we walked the walk and passed legislation that will begin to create jobs for New Mexico families. I am proud of the Jobs Council’s legislation that passed. Through the Job Council we have interjected $23 million for job creation in New Mexico. Specifically $10 million for job recruitment of businesses to New Mexico, $1.5 million for job training incentive program, and $7.6 million for statewide tourism.”

“We were able to pass a Work New Mexico Act which will put $232.8 million shovel ready projects on the streets in New Mexico and put New Mexicans to work.”

Here is a brief recap of accomplishments:

  • $6.17 Budget, increase in spending by 5%, prioritizing education funding.
  • Jobs Council: $23 million for job creation in New Mexico, $10 million for job recruitment of businesses to New Mexico, $1.5 million for job training incentive program, and $7.6 million for statewide tourism.
  • Work New Mexico Act -$232.8 shovel projects
  • Fix to Rural Hospitals
  • NM Lottery Scholarship Fix

As of Thursday morning at 8:00 A.M., there have been more than 77 bills sent to the Governor for approval. The New Mexico House passed 258 House Bills and 176 Senate Bills.

“We’re disappointed that we didn’t pass a minimum wage increase, or funding for early educations, but we won’t be deterred. We won’t stop fighting for New Mexico families. We will come back next year, and every year after, until this is done.”

We will bring back:

  • Omaree’s Law
  • Closing the loopholes in DWI legislation and stiffer sentences for repeat offenders
  • Real ID Act Fix

It may be the case that good legislation has already been vetoed by, or faces veto threats from the Governor. However Representatives in the House are proud of their accomplishments. It is evident lawmakers in the New Mexico Legislature have been willing to put politics aside and prioritize policy, not politics.