NM Senate Democrats Stall Nomination of Anti-Education Nominee Skandera

Governor Martinez loses battle to win confirmation for failed education nominee

New Mexico’s Senate Democrats won a victory this week by refusing to confirm anti-education nominee Hanna Skandera. For over 3 years Governor Martinez has tried and failed to win confirmation for this incompetent and inexperienced education consultant. After moving to New Mexico, Ms. Skandera has consistently displayed both ignorance and arrogance when it comes to improving the lives of New Mexico’s children.

The failure to consult parents and the never ending war on teachers further illustrates that neither Governor Martinez or Ms. Skandera have any plan, ideas or vision on improving education and moving New Mexico up from 50th and last place.

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As soon as NM Senate Dems won this victory, NM House Republicans, under orders from Martinez/Skandera promptly cast their votes against teacher pay raises. Once again showing their indifference and hostility towards New Mexico teachers, House Education Committee Republicans ran out of the committee before the bill could be voted on by a quorum of the full committee. House Education Chairwoman Mimi Stewart:

“The Republicans are playing games with teacher’s salaries. It sickens me that I have brought this bill to the House floor two times and both times House Republicans have made a mockery of it.

“Today on the House floor, Republicans told New Mexicans whose side they really are on. Not the side of our hard working teachers who deserve pay raises. My bill is a comprehensive fix for all levels of teacher.”

NM Republicans are doing all they can to destroy public education, thereby causing additional problems and concerns for New Mexican families.

DPNM is building the future that is dedicated to providing a world class education for our kids, strongly supporting parents and teachers, as we work to find solutions to end the Martinez/Skandera education crisis.

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