Restore Balance and Integrity in Rio Rancho—Elect Gutierrez, Collins and Buckner to City Council—Williams for Mayor

Rio Rancho voters are fortunate to have three candidates for City Council and one for Mayor that share one common goal: return city government to its citizens and stop extremist Tea Party control and oversight of Rio Rancho. On March 4, we have the opportunity to make real change and say ‘no’ to Tea Party, out-of-touch fanatics.

These anti-education, Tea Party city councilors forced a vote against education, forcing a special election to reduce a portion of the GRT that went to help pay off UNM debt for the West campus that opened in 2010. This cost tax-payers more than $50,000 that could have been spent repairing pot holes. They have even refused to let voters approve bonds that would allow the city to maintain roads.

By re-electing Tamara Gutierrez in District 3, electing Darlene Collins in District 2 and Thomas Buckner in District 5, voters can restore balance and integrity to the city council. Electing Michael J. Williams as Mayor will allow Rio Rancho to regain its positive spark, take charge of its problems and shine as New Mexico’s third largest city.

Tamara Gutierrez, Darlene Collins, Tom Buckner and Michael Williams are ready to move forward and help create jobs and give our kids the world class education they deserve.

VOTE for all of these hardworking and outstanding candidates on March 4.

They are building the future, for Rio-Rancho and all New Mexicans.

Right now.