House Republicans Vote Against Teacher Pay Raises

House Republicans vote to kill a House Education Committee report on House Bill 391 today on the house floor on a 30 to 33 vote.

House Bill 391, is a sub for House Bill 67 sponsored by Representative Mimi Stewart (D-Bernalillo – 21), Chair of House Education Committee, which would increase the current salary minimums for teachers over the next 5 years top $40,000 for Level I, $50,000 for Level II, and $60,000 for Level III.

House Republicans, in an unconstitutional maneuver, changed HB 67 to ignore 22,000 current educators and gave a salary increase to only brand new teachers.

HB 67 was re-introduced in the form of HB 391 over the weekend to increase salary levels to mirror the original HB 67. Republican House Education committee members darted out of the committee before the bill could be voted on by a quorum of the committee.

Below is a statement from Representative Mimi Stewart:

“The Republicans are playing games with teacher’s salaries. It sickens me that I have brought this bill to the House floor two times and both times House Republicans have made a mockery of it.
Today on the House floor, Republicans told New Mexicans whose side they really are on. Not the side of our hard working teachers who deserve who pay raises.

“My bill is a comprehensive fix for all levels of teacher.”