How Many Hurt and Abused Children Does it take for Gov. Martinez to take Action?

DPNM Chair calls CYFD Secretary’s actions ‘pathetic’;
urges Governor to fire CYFD Secretary now

In 2010, while running for Governor, Susana Martinez blatantly used the death of Baby Brianna to burnish her credentials as a tough DA and therefore she should be elected New Mexico’s Governor. During her campaign, the senseless death of a five month old baby girl was exploited and used by Governor Martinez as another political prop to win election. In one of her self-serving campaign commercials, Governor Martinez speaks in a solemn voice about Baby Brianna’s death while attempting to claim credit for the passage of the ‘Baby Brianna Bill’ that was signed in 2005 by the previous administration. Giving no credit and bearing no shame, she fails to mention that this bill would have died without the efforts of former Senator Mary Jane Garcia-Democrat. In the same ad, she talks about fighting for New Mexicans and ‘turning New Mexico around.’

Really? The only thing turned around and failing badly is New Mexico. Thanks to partisan hacks and anti-government Republicans, the Children, Youth and Families Department is under staffed, its budget cut and senior staff seems incapable of functioning or doing anything. A culture has been allowed to exist that refuses to assess blame or help the thousands of New Mexicans that rely on help and supervision from an agency that is charged with keeping our kids alive and safe.

“Governor Martinez, you can’t have it both ways. You can’t politicize the death of Baby Brianna and then once elected fail to protect the children of New Mexico that are counting on being protected,” stated DPNM Chairman Sam Bregman.

“It’s time to stop making excuses, stop blaming everyone else and answer a few simple questions: why won’t you fire your CYFD Secretary who isn’t protecting our children? How many more hurt and abused children does it take before you ensure full funding and staffing for CYFD?” added Bregman.

By now, all New Mexicans realize Governor Martinez is entirely focused on her future political career outside of New Mexico and not focused on creating jobs, helping children or just doing her job.

New Mexico can’t wait–DPNM is building a safe future for all of our children and their families.