Governor Martinez and NM House Republicans Vote To Keep NM 50th and Dead Last For Well being Of Our Kids

GOP content with NM 1st  in nation for child hunger
as well as supporting a war on teachers

On Friday, House Democrats presented a fair state budget that was a compromise for both parties.  Taking orders from Gov. Martinez, House Republicans voted in lockstep against this fair and equitable budget. Once again Gov. Martinez, said no to anything that might help our kids and build a better future for New Mexico families.

“Governor Martinez and the Republican Party keep saying ‘no’ to any compromise or any ideas that would help our kids.  They say ‘no’ to a ballot initiative, ‘no’ to creating good paying jobs and ‘no’ to any vision or idea to build a better future.  NM voters will be saying ‘no’ to their negative, self serving interests come election day,” commented DPNM Chair Sam Bregman.

Democrats stood up for decreasing class sizes, equal funding for all of our children. In addition House Democrats stood up for local teachers and administrators to control where they think the money is best spent, as well as giving teachers a much needed pay raise.

Call Governor Martinez and say “enough is enough.”  Start supporting our kids and help NM families—right now.  505-476-2200