Reviews Are In: House Democrats Have Money and Momentum Heading Into 2014

With the close of the 2013 end-of-year filing period, one dynamic became abundantly clear: House Democrats have the money and the momentum heading into the 2014 election year. Americans are sick and tired of this Republican Congress’ obsession with protecting their special interest backers at the expense of the middle class. Democratic fundraising strength in House races is borne out by the DCCC outraising the NRCC by a breathtaking $15 million and Democratic candidates outraising Republican candidates in the House races.

Here is a sampling of the coverage of House Democrats’ record breaking fundraising year:

  • Bloomberg News: Democratic Congressional Groups Outraise Republicans
  • AP: House Democrats raised $76 million in 2013
  • Wall Street Journal: Democrats Hold Funding Lead for 2014
  • Roll Call: DCCC Outraised NRCC in December
  • Politico: DCCC trumps NRCC for ‘13
  • The Hill: DCCC outraised NRCC by $15M in 2013
  • Politico: With $75M, Dems hit fundraising record
  • The Hill: DCCC raises $75 million in 2013
  • Huffington Post: Democratic Party Committees Raised More Money Than Republican Committees In 2013
  • The Hill: Dems up fundraising to regain House

Democrats are leading in the battle for the House. The latest NBC/WSJ generic Congressional ballot (which asks voters which party they want to control Congress) shows Democrats leading Republicans, 45 percent to 43 percent.