Fact Check: House Republicans Falsely Claim They Will Help Americans with Pre-Existing Conditions

On CBS’ Face The Nation yesterday, Republican Majority Leader Eric Cantor falsely claimed that House Republicans will help Americans with pre-existing conditions. In fact, House Republicans have voted nearly 50 times to repeal or undermine the law, eliminating protections that prevent insurance companies from denying coverage to those with preexisting conditions.

Majority Leader Cantor also falsely claimed that the Affordable Care Act is raising costs and limiting access to care. The reality is that House Republicans’ repeal would skyrocket costs and deny care to millions of Americans.


House Republicans Have Voted Nearly 50 Times to Repeal or Dismantle the Affordable Care Act. “Republican elected officials have seen the Affordable Care Act as essentially unfixable—that’s why House Republicans voted 46 times to repeal or delay the implementation of the law, instead of working with the White House over the past three years to identify and solve problems within it of the sort that tend to accumulate in any such massive piece of legislation. [The Atlantic11/27/13]

USA Today: “Repealing Health Care Law Would Mean Higher Costs.” “Republicans may not agree with President Obama’s State of the Union call to drop the idea of repealing the Affordable Care Act, but health experts say the law has taken such hold that it may be impossible to get rid of it. The consequences of repeal, health care officials and industry analysts say, go beyond the fact that 9 million people would suddenly lose their insurance or that anyone with a pre-existing condition would either lose insurance or pay much higher premiums. All consumers would take a huge financial hit, because health care costs would continue to rise, and insurers would probably recoup their losses by charging higher premiums.” [USA Today2/01/14]