DPNM State Chairman Sam Bregman Addresses Democratic Priorities for the Upcoming Legislative Session

Remarks of Democratic Party of New Mexico State Chairman Sam Bregman
Press Conference—Thursday, January 16, 2014

I have traveled thousands of miles throughout the “land of enchantment” and listened to hundreds of Democrats, Independents and Republicans.

Thanks to all of these conversations in communities large and small, the DPNM is endorsing and actively supporting two key legislative issues:

  • Raising the minimum wage and accessing the permanent fund for early childhood education

On these two issues Democrats that I spoken to are united that Governor Martinez has been a no-show and a do-nothing Governor.  Since the Governor is willing to do nothing, Democrats believe it’s time to let the people of New Mexico do something about it.  These amendments would go straight to the voters on November 4th.

The Democratic Party of New Mexico agenda consists of 2 constitutional amendments:

  • The first is a constitutional amendment to raise the minimum wage to a minimum of $10 an hour.  There is no person in this state whether they dig a ditch, answer a phone or work in front of a computer screen that does not deserve a $10 bill for an hour’s worth of work.  This increase in the minimum wage will increase the purchasing power of individuals and will help spur the economy.
  • The second part of our legislative agenda is a constitutional amendment to fully fund early childhood education and intervention.  New Mexico has a permanent fund of over $11 billion dollars. This has often been called a rainy day fund.  When it comes to education and the wellbeing of our children, it’s not just raining, it’s a hurricane!

This Governor has done nothing in the last 3 years to improve education in New Mexico.  Under her watch, our state ranks at the bottom, 50th and dead last when it comes to the well being of children.

Democrats will not sit back and do nothing. Democrats support the full funding of education for our children.  This is the most important thing we can do for the children of our great state.