Thoughts From Sam

The 2014 NM Legislature will convene for its 30 day session next week. DPNM is focused like a laser beam on electing Democrats from the bottom to the top as well as increasing our majority in the NM House of Representatives.

Two of the ways we do this is raise the minimum wage and tap the state’s Land Grant Permanent Fund to pay for expanded early childhood education. This has often been described as a “rainy day fund.” Guess what? Not only is it raining but we are in a Category 5 hurricane.

50th in the nation for the well being of children: it doesn’t get any worse than that. DPNM intends to seek passage of a constitutional amendment that would access New Mexico’s permanent fund to pay for expanded early childhood education.

Governor Martinez and the Shadow Governor, Jay McCleskey operate a secretive government that is more concerned with pay-to-play schemes and turning over state revenues to wealthy contributors rather than helping New Mexico families survive the worst recession in 85 years.

Meanwhile, thousands of families continue to move out of state because there are no jobs and their kids can’t get a basic education from our do-nothing Governor.

Can you donate $25, $50 or $100 today to help us defeat Governor Martinez and Jay McLeskey?

Democrats will push a constitutional amendment to increase the minimum wage and an amendment to increase early education funding so our kids get the world class education they need to compete in the 21st century.

The NM Public Education Department is in disarray, lacks vision, leadership and purpose. The Martinez/McCleskey administration disgraces and dishonors New Mexico teachers, parents and children by rolling out the same tired Republican policies that have failed in state after state. We can do better.

DPNM is building a future without Governor Martinez and Jay McCleskey.

Help us-right now.