Weekly Address: Ensuring 2014 is a Year of Action to Grow the Economy

In this week’s address, President Obama calls 2014 a year of action, which should start with Congress quickly passing emergency unemployment insurance for the 1.3 million Americans who lost this vital lifeline as they fight to find jobs and make ends meet.

In his remarks, President Obama said:

“Thanks to the hard work and sacrifice of the American people, our economy is growing stronger.  But we know we’ve got more work to do together.  Our success as a country depends on more than the success of our broader economy – it depends on the success of the American people.  It depends on your ability to make ends meet, provide for your families, and, with a little hard work, feel like you can get ahead.

“So we’ve got to keep our economy growing, and make sure more Americans have the opportunity to share in that growth.  We’ve got to keep creating jobs that offer new opportunity, and make sure those jobs offer the wages and benefits that let you rebuild some security.  We’ve got more kids to educate, and families to get covered with health insurance, and an immigration system to fix.  And we’ve got to make sure this recovery leaves no one behind.”

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