House Republicans’ 12 Days of Congress

‘Tis the season to reflect on Congressional Republicans’ priorities in 2013, an agenda best described as an endless cornucopia of giveaways for the rich and best captured in song.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has released a holiday song that sums up Republicans’ agenda – “12 Days of Congress.” The song can also be downloaded as a ringtone and is available at:

In a quartet led by Bowzer from Sha Na Na, the song details 12 of the wrong-headed priorities that Republicans have doubled down on in this Congress.

“From bonuses for bigwigs to Big Oil subsidies, Republicans in Congress have stuffed some extra special goodies in the stockings of corporations and the ultra-wealthy this year, while giving the middle class a lump of coal,” said Emily Bittner of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “The best holiday present the American people can give themselves next year will be getting rid of these Grinches.”

Listen to the song and read the lyrics below.

“12 Days of Congress”

“12 Days of Congress” lyrics:

On the 12th day of Congress, Republicans gave the rich:

  • Climate change denying
  • Less pay for women
  • Government shutdown
  • Bonuses for bigwigs
  • Evolution rejecting
  • Pell Grants-a-cutting
  • Health care repeals
  • Transvaginal ultrasounds
  • Jobs shipped overseas
  • More tax breaks
  • Medicare vouchers
  • And a big oil subsidy…

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